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Our Mission - our vision

Dubai and the UAE inspires and motivates the majority who have chosen to live here.

A world class city with a vibrant, multinational community, a forward thinking and innovative government, a talented, driven workforce, and more 'take your breath away' achievements than you could possibly comprehend...

So we call on all local and global investors, stakeholders and every professional privileged to have a relationship with this city - and experience Fiesta - the genie from aladins lamp!

What could the benefits be to you? How can this economic 'kick-start' impact on your business and help you grow/reap/prosper...

With the creation of the inexpensive and 'ethically-driven' media platform that is Fiesta, we can help almost everyone to be 'better off'. From consumers making maximum use of special offers to corporate organisations making maximum use of their assets. 20% reduction in the cost of living is our target, and we like hitting our targets!

All we need from you is one to five square metres of high visibility space, access to an ADSL line and a set-up service charge. This is payable as a pd cheque - which will be returned to you after the trial period if you are not satisfied and we will take our machine back.

We know we've got a bit excited, but the purpose of this website is to get you excited too. We hope it's infectious...

Our MD Dayal Mansukhani's view point

This country attracts global investors because of the positive business climate created by it's government to allow Emiratis and expatriates to grow, reap rewards and prosper. A global transit hub, with its two national carriers recognized as the very best. A free trade approach and the incentives it has put into place encourage foreign businesses to come here and set up their stall. With zero taxation and an increasingly benign approach to work visas, Dubai remains very attractive to foreign workers.

Add to this the fact that there are over 70 banks both local and international here to assist the entrepreneur, and a willing support infrastructure ranging from legal to media, it's no surprise that many have decided to invest their skills and capital and make this country their future.

This is the reason Future Ad Media is here, and the reason we are dedicated to making a difference. We are an advertising company with a positive outlook and a mission to reduce expense - business expense / media expense /consumer expense through ethical advertising.

This is the model for our flagship media product Fiesta.
Welcome to Future Ad Media Evolution - Welcome to Fiesta!

meet the challenge and increase your profits with Fiesta


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